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Page Speed Tracker

Analyze historical Page Speed data and detect changes over time. We hook directly into Google to generate the same audits they do. See our featured sites below.



Unwrap Design


Using real Google data

Track your Google Page Speed scores overtime

We integrate directly into Google to extract your Page Speed scores at demand or on a daily basis. We track the Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO scores. You can then visualize the score changes over time.

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CRUX Reports

Visualize how your webpage's CRUX scores changes over time or on demand.

Multi-page comparison

Compare how multiple pages are doing across multiple domains.

Data Retention

We retain your Page Speed audits up to 16 months.

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Github Integration

Visualize how your score changes when new commits are made to the repository.

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Difference Visualization

See only the differences between two audits, eliminating noise.

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Weekly Reports

Get your scores emailed to you on a weekly basis.


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