Published on Apr 5, 2024

Plumber Jobs USA Commitment to Carbon Removal

Plumber Jobs USA is a plumber focused job board we created to fill a gap we saw in the plumbing industry. We're using Stripe for our payments, and they have an initiative for companies to help reduce their environmental impact and combat climate change.

Commitment to carbon removal through Stripe

With Plumber Jobs USA we've signed up for Stripe's carbon removal program, where we've decided to give 1.5% of our revenue to help combat climate change (1.5% is the highest amount they recommend).

How it works

This program is a partnership between Stripe and Climeworks. Stripe facilitates the revenue side of things, and then gives it to Climeworks who go about the carbon capture process.

Climeworks captures the carbon dioxide from the air, and then permanently hides it away underground in basaltic rock for long term storage.

If you're interested, you can find more info on Plumber Jobs USA stripe climate page.

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