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Published on Apr 12, 2024

Proxying a Framer site through your existing Next.js site

In this guide, we will discuss how to proxy a framer site through your existing or new Next.js site. Some use cases for this are if you want to blog on Framer or create marketing pages that need to be easily customizable. Instead of setting up a headless CMS like Prismic, you can create unique pages in Framer. Or do both, like we've done for a few clients (Prismic for SEO pages, Framer for paid advertising landing pages).

Our example

As an example for this tutorial, I have spun up a framer proxy at Here's another example showing how the pattern-matching routing works:

Proxying through Next.js

It's pretty straightforward. Just go into your next.config.js and add a new URL rewrite (note: this is different from a redirect).

async rewrites() {
return [
source: '/fr/:path*',
destination: '*',
basePath: false,

Make sure to replace the destination subdomain (currently set to unwrap as a demo). Now you can go to http://localhost:3000/fr/ and see the home page for your framer site! Once you deploy, you will also see it on your production URL.

Other options

This idea can be applied anywhere else that supports URL rewrites/proxying. In theory, you can achieve the same effect using Next.js middleware and rewrite method on the response and their. The same applies if you're using Cloudflare, they support rewrites too! You can follow Cloudflare's guide on setting up rewrites here.

Can I do this for other website builders?

Your next thought might be, can I do this for a Ghost CMS blog, or for a Wix site? The answer depends on if the site has absolute or relative paths and how you want to handle that. The nice thing about is that they have all their CSS/JS assets as absolute paths, if they were relative paths, then we'd have to create rewrite patterns to account for that... which once you get into that territory, you run the risk of having URL pattern collisions.

Example of an absolute path:

Example of an relative path: /sites/icons/default-favicon.v3.png

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