Published on Nov 20, 2023

Welcome to our newly designed website

It was time

When we initially thought up the idea of Unwrap Design we quickly put together a website. We figured it would look weird (and unprofessional) for a web design company to not have a website 😆. So Ben and I met up, designed the site, wrote out the copy, and coded it together.

It was honestly supposed to be that way for a couple months, but we ended up designing and building websites for local businesses instead! It was a very busy (but extremely rewarding and fulfilling) year.

A new hero

We wanted to be more direct with our copy (the wording on the website). People should be able to come to the site and know within 5 seconds what we do, how much it costs, and why it benefits them.

This clearly states what our business does, what services we offer, how much it costs, and why it would benefit a potential customer. We could have said some corporate speaking non-sense, but we appreciate when websites are direct and to the point.

We're also really busy designing client sites, so we had to add a max limit for the number of current businesses we can handle at a time. The "Limited spots available" tag is dynamic and will update based on the number of sites we're currently in the design stage for.

Our old landing page design. We wanted to emphasize mobile first, and create a 3d like effect with the diagonal line in the background

Simplified pricing

We talked to a lot of businesses and friends/family about what we offered, using our old website as a supplemental resource.

One thing we heard a lot was that our pricing was confusing! No one else in our area was using the same pricing model as us, so we spent a good amount of time simplifying our pricing plans. Each plan clearly states what you get as a customer, nothing ambiguous or hidden.

Some of the businesses we talked to wanted a website, but they weren't interested in a monthly plan - so we added a one time payment option.

A large majority if the businesses we talked to also wanted a website and Google ads (PPC). We've had a lot of success running Google ads for clients so far. It naturally made sense to add that as a new pricing plan.

For the managed and one time plan, we added city pages to help increase leads.

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